Your thoughts and beliefs are stories in your head.

Incredibly, a great deal of  your perception of the world is typically a stream of words, thoughts and ideas that dwell in your language centers. In other words “a me is a story I tell myself”. We typically think of our selves as our own internal dialogue. (This topic is covered in great detail, and very well in the Radiolab episode “Who am I”. )

It is difficult for most people to believe that their thoughts are not their absolute identity. Most people have become so accustomed to the voice of their own thoughts that they have this attributed this inner dialogue to be their absolute identity. This internal dialogue is absolutely a part of one’s identity, but it is not the entirety of one’s personally. Each person has an intuitive side of ourselves that is not completely defined by our language centers. If we greatly simplify neuroscience, the left hemisphere of one’s brain is the place where one’s thought-based identity resides and the right hemisphere is the place where we have intuitive awareness or perception of the world around us.

A good illustration of this aspect of dual aspects of identity can be observed in Jill Bolte Taylor’s book “A Stoke of Insight” or in her TED lecture.  In this book, Jill describes how she felt when a stroke disrupted her left hemisphere.  She was no longer bound to her story. She then only the big picture of her world through the perception of her right hemisphere. She experienced peace and experienced only the present moment.

If you identity is your thoughts, you can re-write your internal dialogue.

You can always access the present moment by detaching from your inner dialogue.


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