Yesterday we discussed appreciation and depreciation.  It is valuable to investigate our beliefs to determine if we are adding value, or depreciating value of elements of our life.

A smilar dichotomy is that of acceptance and resistance. The process of acceptance acknowledges that things are the way they are in the present moment. Resistance occurs when our ego story feels dis-ease at what is occurring at the present moment. When we accept the curren moment, we can see things as they are. We can reflect neutrally on a given situation. When we experience resistance, we are likely to feel stress and ill feelings. We may have more difficulty generating an appropriate action since we resist fully accepting what has occurred.

Accepting your current life circumstances does not mean that you should avoid taking action or that you need to engage in life choices that do not support you. The concept of acceptance that I am attempting to articulate is that of honestly acknowledging the moment. If someone has called you an offensive name, accept that the situation has happened and then choose how you wish to respond. If you find out your neighbor has been robbed, accept that this is a challenge and choose an action such as organizing a neighborhood watch. If you do not have enough money to pay the bills, accept that this is a current reality and choose an action to get more money (but I don’t recommend robbing a house, we just took action and formed our neighborhood watch).

When we adopt a patten of resistance, we may avoid acknowledging that uncomfortable situations exist. We may resist acknowledging that our loved one has changed their habit of a glass of wine per  night to an entire bottle every night. We might resist paying attention to our credit card balance as we continue to buy things that we truly do not need. We may resist accepting our pattern of a defensive response every time someone attempts to give us constructive feedback.

Accpetance of what truly is leads to greater personal responsibility.

Resistance leads to blame, avoidance, and excuses.


What do you think? Please leave a comment below.


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