Celebrate Personal Success!

It is very important to celebrate your personal successes! When you achieve a goal that you have set for yourself, it is best to positively reinforce yourself by celebrating your accomplishments. That way, you experience a sense of satisfaction and keep momentum towards your other goals.

 Although it may feel good to share your successes with others, it is best not to be attached to that person’s emotional response. For example, when you shared your success with another, it may be perceived that you are bragging. Other times, when you share what you feel is a major success, other people may not perceive your accomplishment as something significant, and therefore may not react as excited as you hoped that they would.

 Remember; own YOUR success since the goal that you set was important to YOU! If people want to celebrate with you, that’s cool! Remember it is best not to depend on others for how you feel about yourself (I plan on talking more about intrinsic locus of control in the next few days).

 Today, I am excited for a couple of short term and one long-term accomplishment.

1)   I am excited that I have blogged every day for a full month!

2)   I am grateful that I have met my weight loss goal that I set 60 days ago!


Both of these short-term accomplishments required consistent daily action. For blogging daily, I made sure I set aside time every day for writing and I held myself accountable on a daily basis. For losing weight, each day I attended to everything I ate and made sure that I exercised.


For my long-term goal, I have been published (along with my follow co-authors) in a professional journal. The paper’s abstract can be found at:


 For this goal, the group of us has been working on this project since 2005. After conducing our data collection, data collection, writing the paper collaboratively, submitting for publication, revising the paper based on editorial suggestions and re-submitting the paper for publication, it is finally complete! For this accomplishment, patience and persistence were required.


I wish you all success in all you endeavors!


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