Find Your Passion

Find you Passion!


In the last few posts, we have discussed how powerful an intrinsic locus of control as well as intrinsic motivation can help us more forward. It is beneficial for us to know that we are in control of our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, habits and actions. Since intrinsic motivation can be more powerful than working for a reward, we are more efficient when we are doing what we love. However, any people do not take the time to reflect on their passion or purpose.


There is a simple exercise that you can do to find your passion or purpose. It is helpful to set give yourself at least ten minutes to complete this activity.


Take out a blank piece of paper or open a new word processing document. At the top of the document, choose one of the following phrases that best matches how you would think.

– “My purpose in life is”

– “My mission in life is”

– “My passion in life is”.

– “I feel I was placed on this Earth for”

-“I feel I was created for”

(or create you own phrase related to your life passion or purpose)


Next, start listing all the ideas that come into your head such as:

–       “help other people”

–       “make sure that children are loved and supported”

–       “to solve problems that allow people to live simpler lives”

–       “to ensure economic prosperity for my family”

–       “to have fun by creating art and music”

–       “to support my family so they feel safe and loved”

–       “sharing my ideas through writing and speaking”

–       “to promote collaboration and cooperative in all areas of my life”


Stop writing either when you have run out of ideas or if one of your ideas gives you such an emotional response that you think “yeah, this is what I am here for”.


Once you have completed you list, rate the items in terms of how strong you feel about each item on an emotional level. For this exercise, avoid all temptation of overthinking each item since you do not want to talk yourself out of a possible life passion. Do your best to stop possible depreciative internal dialogue such as “I feel that I was created for creating a just and safe world for my children but I know that there are too many things that I can’t control and I just don’t know where to start and my friends might think it is foolish if I share this idea with them….”


Once you have rated your items on this list, you should have a clear idea of what you are passionate about. The next step would be to ask your self some follow up questions such as:

–       How could I get more of what I am passionate about in my life?

–       How could I use my passion to create value for others?

–       Are there any jobs that I could perform that include what I am passionate about?


If you find something that you love to do, you will enjoy the time that you spend doing it. It is better to pursue something that you like to do since you will more likely stick with it and feel better about it.


For example, I get many e-mails about these “foolproof” money making opportunities. I have analyzed some of these opportunities, and they do have the chance and making money for you.


For example, it you are not truly passionate about buying property below market value, renovating homes and selling them for a profit, it is unlikely that you would be motivated to stick with the work involved to make money. On the other had, If you like the excitement of researching real estate markets, analyzing trends of property values, love working with real estate agents, mortgage companies, home inspectors, pest control companies and assorted contractors, there is a greater chance that you will follow through and make a good living for yourself.


If we are solely focused on “making money”, we may find a way to make money, but still be dis-satisfied. If we focus on what we like to do and what we are good at and then find aspects of our current job with those elements or possible positions that fulfill our passions, we are more likely to be satisfied on a daily basis.


I hope that you are able to find your passion.



4 Responses to “Find Your Passion”

  1. You’re right… this post was under-rated. I am actually really glad to have stumbled upon this today, as I was just sitting writing, trying to invite what I really want into my life, new “problems” and I think this will help with what I’ve been struggling to admit to myself the vulnerability of what I really want.



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