Patience, Practice and Persistence

Patience, Practice and Persistence

“Losing is just Learning to Win…” – Robert J Bautista

“Dont mistake slow progress for failure” – Mazemangriot

“There is no failure, only feedback” – Jay Rando

One of the reasons that intrinsic motivation is important for us to achieve our long-term life goals our complete a major project is that it may take a long time to achiever our goals. There are so many examples of people working for years for their “overnight success to happen.

Malcolm Gladwell wrote two different books that speak to this point. In “The Tipping Point”, we learned that for many new ideas, there is a point at which an idea goes “viral”. In “Outliers”, we learned that Bill Gates and the Beatles spent about 10,000 hours practicing the skills that made them famous.

If we love what we do, we are not dependant on success being just around the corner. If we quit, we have lost. If we practice, we learned from any feedback that we receive along the way to achieving our goals.

Success is enjoying the journey and experiencing gratitude everyday.

Practice what you love. Persist in your actions. Be patient for the possible rewards for your actions.

We can control our actions, our responses and what we choose to experience as success.


4 Comments to “Patience, Practice and Persistence”

  1. a great blog! I have added you to my list of favourites and thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I am well aware of Malcolm Gladwell’s book and the 10,000 hours thesis which makes admirable sense. And you’re right: the joy of being creative should be reward in itself

    • Thank you very much for the support. I admit to procrastinate a work deadline by hanging around WordPress. Now I need the extrinsic reinforcement of completing the report so I can sleep. I am a big Gladwell fan. I think “The Tipping Point” is excellent as well. Blink is the next on my reading list.

  2. Great post! One to add 😀 “there is no failure only feedback”.

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