I Intend to Feel Good!

Image On of the books that I keep going back to has been Dr. Wayne Dyer’s “Power of Intention”. I feel that the overall message of the book is very helpful in framing the benefit of a positive mindset. If you are more of a pragmatist, this book may read as too metaphysical, it which case I would suggest reading “Learned Optimism” by Martin Seligman.

If I could sum up the book in one sentence, it would be “I intend to feel good.” Our thoughts are directly related to what we wish to create. Dr. Dyer explains that we are either moving towards source/ creation, or away from source / creation. In other words, we can choose to move towards love or choose to move away from love. We can choose to look at the world optimistically, or pessimistically. We can choose to appreciate the value of everything in our lives through the habits of gratitude, forgiveness and compassion or we can choose to de-valuate our world through the habits of blame, judgement and resentment.

I do not have control over the world around me. I do have control on how I choose to feel.

I intend to feel good!


9 Comments to “I Intend to Feel Good!”

  1. I read “The Sky is the Limit” by Wayne Dyer years ago. I still have the book. He does have an excellent attitude and is fun in the way he presents his ideas.

  2. I agree, Wayne Dyer presents things easily.

  3. No one can make you feel anything – you choose, you are in control of how you feel. It took me several years to get my brain around that because it’s so much easier to blame others than take responsibility. Very timely article influence! Thanks!

  4. I am reading his latest book Wishes Fulfilled at the moment which is helping me take a different, more pro-active and positive attitude towards my illness. He also reminded me of some books of Neville that I have which I read last year and need to re-read!
    He was here in Sydney last month with Anita Moorjani, I am grateful to him for introducing the world to her, her message is GOLD.

  5. I intend to feel good also.

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