Being Sick

Although we are all in control of healthy habits such as washing our hands regularly, eating the right foods, taking our vitamins, drinking orange juice, getting enough sleep, managing stress and exercising regularly, we can still get sick. Don’t get me wrong. I strongly suggest maintaining the healthy habits listed above since these habits greatly reduce our chances of acquiring an illness. We still cannot control interacting with someone who is virulent and does not know it.

Whatever the case, I am sick.

I wish I could say that I am not prone to getting frustrated when I am sick. There are so many things on my “To-Do list” that I would like to attend to. As I have stated before, I am a recovering cynic and there are plenty of life triggers that can facilitate a “cynical event”.  As I sit pathetically motionless in my bed, I feel a tinge of guilt as my wife attends to the needs of our children and the household.

Stop! Wait! This is just another learning experience.

When we are sick, our life goals should change. Instead of focusing on that morning workout you missed since you did not have the energy to get out of bed, focus on getting better.

1)   Delegate – As soon as possible, inform people that you work with or who you live with your energy status. If other people know your health status and there is truly an important task that needs to be completed, other people can help you out.

2)   Take care of yourself   – Your body is tired for a reason. Your immune system is fighting overtime to attack whatever virus has invaded your body. The more your rest, the more your body’s resources can prioritize fighting the unwanted invaders. Now is the time to watch guilt free TV. It is time drink lots of water, drink hot tea or drink orange juice. Sleep is a priority. If you are very sick or sick for a long time, please call your doctor!

3)   Forgive yourself  – Forgive yourself for your current status of not getting things done. Wellness does not arise out of stress. Forgiving yourself can eliminate your “but I should” and “but I want to” thoughts.

4)   Be Grateful – Even when your throat is hurting, your head is pounding, your stomach is turning and your intestines are rioting, you can find something to be grateful about. Currently, I am grateful for a soft bed and the love and support given to me by my wife and kids. In other times when I am horrifically sick, I have been grateful for the cool tile on the bathroom floor. Like forgiveness, gratitude can help re-frame your outlook.

5)   Be Here, NOW! – In this moment you are sick with no energy. Please accept the situation for what it is. Thinking about that report that is due Friday is not going to be very helpful here and now.

6)   Ease back into your routines – If we rush ourselves in resuming our daily routines and responsibilities, we can prolong the illness. Start things slowly. Try giving yourself 5 minutes of light housework and then give yourself a rest. Instead of jumping into your hardcore cardio workout or performing an insane amount of pull- ups, use your typical workout time to stretch your muscles.

I hope that you stay well this cold and flu season. May your healthy routines keep the pathogens at bay. If you do get sick, remember that “this too shall pass”.

Be well!

9 Responses to “Being Sick”

  1. I totally agree; being sick is never fun – for anyone out there – but it’s how we go about getting better , that is key:)) Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

  2. First off, I hope you feel better soon. But you are a thoughtful person to stay home and keep your buggies to yourself. If more people took this measure and accepted temporary defeat, they might save a lot of other people from getting sick too.

  3. Great post. It is weird how sometimes we can feel guilty of not doing anything even if we are sick and have the day off, i had flu a few weeks ago, although my legs were not there i managed to read a full book in bed within a day. Even when i couldn’t move very well i still did a bit of reading for the knowledge so i felt like i got something done. In that sense i try to do something that fits nicely along being ill but its true, sometimes you really just have to accept that things cant be done until you get 100% better. Sometimes that patience and rest is needed so our body can recuperate. Enjoyed this one.

  4. Great post, Jay. I had to push a little past being tired to do my dance/exercise routine this am, but I cut it a bit short and took pride in having done that over nothing. That’s probably been my best mindshift over the years: ‘some’ is always 100% greater than ‘none.’

    Hope you feel better and have a great day!

  5. I think there is a lot of “crud” going around along with big time allergies from Momma Nature going into early spring. My allergy symtoms are just like having a bad cold at times! I hope you feel better soon and I needed a reminder with the things you listed here. What I’ve been trying to focus on is feeling better and just believing I will! Lots of sleep and being gentle on myself in the places I’m normally not!


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