Think from the End and Have Fun Along the Way.


One of my favorite quotes from Wayne Dyer is “think from the end”. If you want to live the life of your dreams, you need to know what the life of your dreams is.

Here is a simple exercise to help you “think from the end”. Get out some writing paper or get out your word processor, it is time to get ready to write! First, set aside some quiet time to reflect. This reflection will not work if phone calls/ family members would repeatedly interrupt you or if you are preoccupied on a report that is due tomorrow. Once you have found a quiet time and place, close your eyes and imagine what you want in your life. Take some time to explore your true wants and desires. For this exercise, remember that you are worthy of anything and anything is possible. Once you are able to imagine your perfect day in such clarity that it runs like a video in your head, it is time to write it down. Write your vision with as much detail as possible. Explain how your perfect day would start. Include the people that you would interact with. List your feelings as you move through this imagined day. Your description should include details of the sights, sounds and smells of the day.

When you have finished this exercise, you have created the destination that you wish to achieve. You can now start working on the road map of getting you there. You future vision can assist you in creating goals and can help you with further self-reflection.

What beliefs would I need to change to achieve my perfect life?

What habits would I need to implement on a daily basis to get where I want to go?

How would I need to think to achieve my goals?

What actions can I take to start moving forward?

Life is always a great adventure. Have fun along the way!


7 Comments to “Think from the End and Have Fun Along the Way.”

  1. I love your posts! I read them as soon as they arrive iny inbox. I can’t wait to set aside time to complete this activity. I need to write a post with the same idea. This is excellent! My sister gives me this advice often! Thank you for a great post!

  2. I have a visualization journal that I started that I write affirmations for myself and all the things I want to manifest into my life. The other night I was reading it out loud and some of it felt kind of “silly” and I could tell by the way I felt reading it that some of the things I wrote down weren’t things I was either truly confident about or may be were residue from a past self I haven’t completely let go of. The next time I write in it, I will try and be better in tune with how what I write makes me feel. If I feel good and the “warmth/glow/shine” then it’s probably more “true” to who I want to be and what I want to see in my life. If I get a anxious/fluttery/negative reaction….may be it’s not my truth right now. That’s the beauty of doing this though – you can change it! Enjoyed!

  3. This is an inspiring post for the day. Thanks for the food for thought, and for sharing! 🙂 You have a lovely day, yourself.

  4. I like your unique take on spirituality. Good for you for doing what works for you.

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