Some times, life presents obstacles that appear to stand in the way of your goals. However momentum can help us move forward.

For example, I have made a promise to myself that I would post something every day when I started my blog. When I hit my first obstacle (a major report deadline that took all the free time available to write), I only missed a day of posting. I have the momentum and the established habit of writing and I was able to get back into the routine once I had met all my report deadlines.

Another recent example was getting sick recently. It is very challenging to exercise when you have barely enough energy to get out of bed (and coffee did not help much either). To keep the momentum going, I needed to change my exercise pattern to light stretching and greatly reduce my exercise time.

When we are establishing a pattern, it is best to find some way to keep it going.  A moving object likes to stay in motion. When obstacles present themselves, it is better to slow down, do what you can and keep your pattern of behavior moving instead of stopping your pattern and hope that you will pick it up again later.

Blogging Irony – This blog was written to keep my own blogging momentum going. I am actually fighting sleep, but I must post!

I hope this post is valuable!


5 Comments to “Momentum”

  1. Trying to keep moving right now….but must sleep….

  2. Kudos to you for actively attempting to keep your blogging momentum going. For me, revelations/inspirations/experiences go in random “spurts” so I don’t post every day publically, but I do keep a daily journal.

  3. I admire your self-discipline. I wish I could maintain some consistency in the rate I post material. I could make up excuses like I have homework to do etc. but those still aren’t good enough. Good job.

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