I thought this post was an important reminder to “stop and smell the roses”.

Leading with Trust

I was feeling stressed and overloaded last week. I had too many important things to do and the lack of margin (time & space) in my life was causing tension and anxiety.

There was the training class I was observing and co-facilitating, the important meetings with colleagues to figure out solutions to significant organizational change issues, last-minute details to iron out for my global team meeting of 50 staff members next week, the online college class I’m in the middle of teaching, the pending deadline for a magazine article, an upcoming client training event to prepare for, and as President of my local youth baseball league, getting a season’s worth of games scheduled and helping my 19 year-old son get the snack bar operation up and running.

It’s all good stuff that I enjoy doing and feel blessed to have the opportunity to participate in, and I have no right…

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  1. Yikes. Yes. There are so many opportunities out there to be part of and to enjoy. What we need to remember is that no is an option and that it’s likely that something as good as or better will be along to keep us stimulated; and that it is ok to ask for help.

  2. That’s a good re-blog, thanks for sharing it!

  3. I remember the days well, when stress was my master. One of the benefits of getting older, is that you learn to set priorities when life comes at you all at once. 😉

    • I am still working on being the master of my own responses to life events. Life priorities help greatly!

      • I didn’t mean to imply, I’d ‘mastered’ stress, but I’ve learn to roll with the punches, which in turn, released stress’s grip on me for the most part. I remember days, when my neck would be so much from stress, I’d have to turn my body, to turn my head. There comes a point, when you have to ask yourself ‘why?’.

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