Day 4 – Serenity and Surfing

ImageOne irony about vacations is that one imagines having an almost endless amount of time to get everything accomplished. I am finding that although I am able to do lots of fun things with my family and that I am able to go surfing and mountain biking, I have not made the time to write. I have included pictures of where I surfed this morning and where I went biking this afternoon.  I have been able to find the time to meditate and to complete my journalling (as promised). 

One idea that I had about my little blog o’ mine is that the main idea of “Influence Versus Control” could be summed up in the “Serenity Prayer”. I find that these words also make a great affirmation statement. In the very small chance that you have not heard it before, I am including it below.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.


7 Comments to “Day 4 – Serenity and Surfing”

  1. Quite familiar with this prayer. The last line is so very important. Jay

  2. It sounds like you did find some serenity. What I find about vacations even if I don’t write, I am inspired by encounters I have, observations, and just plain serendipity. Oooommm

    Sue Bock

  3. I had that little prayer in my wallet as a young girl. Thank you for the reminder. It just cleanses away all the unneccessaries (did I spell this correct?) out the window. Happy journaling. Sharon

  4. So very true…yet somehow it is often forgotten. Thank you for the wonderful reminder…it is one that I needed to hear today. mary

  5. Hope you are enjoying your time with your family! I’m glad you are getting some fun time in.

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