Respect Versus Judgment

In this time of multiple religious celebrations, I feel that it is best to foster respect over judgment. Religious affiliation can be a significant portion of our own identity, or to the identities of those with interact with. When we discover that we are speaking or interacting with someone that has differing beliefs, it is best to lead with respect. Every human being is deserving of respect. It does not serve own interests to judge another person as being “less than ourselves” if that person holds a belief that is at odds with the beliefs that we hold dear and true. Regardless of religious association, there are many ideals that can be considered “universal truths” or ideas that are almost universally appealing. These ideas include:

  • Gratitude
  • Forgiveness
  • Faith
  • Love
  • Courage
  • Compassion
  • Appreciation
  • Trust
  • Truth
  • Honor
  • Respect

I am sure that there are likely many more that we could all agree are common values.

So if you choose to celebrate Easter, Passover, or you celebrate other religious traditions or if you do not celebrate any religious traditions, I want to extend my respect to you as a part of the human family.

Much love to you all!


2 Comments to “Respect Versus Judgment”

  1. At a time in our world where religious differences have brought so much disunity, conflict and loss of lives, I feel this message has to be taught to our children, schools, places of worship. That we should step up efforts to bridge these differences and dispel suspicion and ignorance. I feel in this crucial time in history, mankind needs to go one step further than just religious tolerance. We need to eliminate all forms of prejudice, consort with believers of all religions with a spirit of love, fellowship and understanding – to treat everyone regardless of race, background and religious beliefs as friends, family, brothers and sisters. Thank you Andrew for this timely message. We are afterall as you said, one human family! Sharon

    • Thank you very much Sharon. I agree that it is best to work towards acceptance instead of just tolerance for all area including religion, culture, creed etc. We are all “People First” and we all share a common humanity.As Elvis Costello sang “what’s so funny about peace and understanding?”

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