Day 10 – Habit Change Challenge

Hello all,

So far I have made it!

  • I have journaled my daily successes
  • I have listed my gratitude daily
  • I have practiced positive affirmations
  • I have exercised 20 minutes or more daily
  • I have meditated every day

How are things going with your progress?


10 Comments to “Day 10 – Habit Change Challenge”

  1. You are doing well, wonderful !
    My main goal in this challenge was to allow myself some mental space for processing my world in the past 10 months or so. I have been extraordinarily busy leaving little time for self reflection.
    Mission accomplished. Getting my headspace in order and clearing clutter physically too. Feeling much more prepared for the next stage of growth …

  2. Thank you for the inspiration. You have inspired me to journal my successes, milestones and thoughts. Sharon

  3. Time for my meditation. Keep up the great work. Jay

  4. Fantastic! Keep it up – I bet you are feeling great! 🙂

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