Success may come….

… when you least expect it

Sometimes progress or goal completion come to fruition in due time. There have been many moments in my life when things appear to “happen” without much effort.

For example, I will a bunch of items on my “To-Do” list and then forget to look at that specific list for a couple of weeks. The next time I look at the list, I notice that about 90% of the items have been completed. In this case, the items written on the initial list were likely incorporated into my unconscious processing. Therefore, I kept on working towards this list without much conscious thought. The thought behind the practice of looking at your goals / vision board/ mission statement / affirmations on a daily basis is that the more that we consider where we want to go, it is more likely that our unconscious thought processes will problem solve the way to our envisioned destination.

Other times, things just happen when the right conditions are in place. You may wait for years for a project or an idea to be approved. Once there has been a change of management, you find that your idea now has a lot of support.

Honestly, all I really wanted to say is that my son started riding his bike without training wheels yesterday. I am very appreciative for this accomplishment. We had been trying to get him to ride his bike a few times without training wheels with limited success. He would let the bike fall over or he would be completely resistant to the idea of riding his bike. Since he was not showing any interest in riding his bike, I did not think of asking him to ride his bike since last November. In the last few months, he has had more fun riding his kick-scooter. Yesterday, I thought we would just bring the bike to the park. At our local park, there is about a 100-yard path from the parking lot to the play structure. I thought practicing biking on the way to the play structure would be a worth attempt for the day. The first time my son started pedaling, he required some support on his seat. The 2nd through 5th attempts, he tried to pedal on his own. On his 6th attempt, he was up and running. For the rest of the day he did not need any help. He started pedaling the bike on his own and he demonstrated great balance. As we were packing up at the end of the trip, he asked to bike some more. Some things just need time.

The next time you “hit a wall” or roadblock, it may be helpful to place the project aside for a while to give yourself some breathing room. You may just find that when you come back to it, a solution to the roadblock will become apparent or the roadblock will no longer be there.

Good luck with all your endeavors.


9 Comments to “Success may come….”

  1. I keep telling myself just that ‘give it time’, as I continue to write my orples books. Hopefully, my efforts will pay off, one of these days. I hope, I pray! :).

  2. I think this is a very valuable lesson to learn. Thanks for the great post.

  3. Congratulations to your son for his accomplishment. That is a big step to independence! I remember my first bike and how free it made me feel. I had set a story I put together, that just flowed out of me so easily but the “fleshing out” process just wasn’t ready. I put it aside for awhile to “marinate” and now I’ve recently started working on it — just a bit each day.

  4. Thank you for this very insightful post! I appreciate it more than you know and it was music to my soul this morning. 🙂 I’m sorry I’ve been remiss in keeping up with your blog. I’ve been doing some house sitting with limited access to e-mail (which is how I usually find my way to your cozy corner of the internet)… however, where I was house sitting was a meditative sanctuary and was perfect to find new and empowering habits.

    Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog! And congrats to your son!

    Anyway, have a great day,

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