Finding your Rhythm

When changing a habit or when adding a new activity to your lifestyle, it is helpful to find a time for this new habit/routine.  If we do not know where to place this new habit/routine into our schedule, it is very easy to forget to perform this activity. Once you habit becomes a part of your daily rhythm, it is a lot easier to maintain.

For my own “habit change challenge”, I found that that only way that I could be consistent with implementing my target habits was to find a regular place for them in my daily schedule. Since I have two young children, I found it was best to add my new activities during times of the day when my children are asleep. In the morning, I exercise, meditated and listen to positive meditation podcasts. At night, I blog, journal my successes and list the things for which I am grateful.  Having this structure in place has helped immensely. I have been waking up early and exercising for over a year. After exercising, I have just enough time to shower, get dressed, make lunch, eat breakfast, kiss the family goodbye and leave for work. I have found that I needed to meditate and perform my affirmations before my workout since it was better to have a slightly shorter workout than to miss the opportunity to perform these activities all together.

What works for you! Please share your ideas of ensuring that you have time for some positive time for yourself.


3 Comments to “Finding your Rhythm”

  1. It does boil down to discipline doesn’t it? I have found that unless I make a time-table to keep to, very easily one activity overlaps into another. I break the day into four parts – morning, afternoon, evening and night. And I try to keep my schedule based on these four slots. With some activities, I’m more strict than others – like how much time I’m on the computer. I find that blogging can easily consume up the hours so I limit it very carefully and no computer the minute my child is back from school. I’m still working on fitting in the journaling because that’s a new activity. Thanks again Andrew for sharing – it’s always helpful to hear how someone else makes the most of each day. Sharon

    • Thanks Sharon. I like your idea of splitting up the day into four parts. My challenges arise in scheduling enough time for sleep. I feel that it would be wise to also discuss priorities… but more on that later. Off to going camping with the family.

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