Chapter 2 – Hillside Elementary

Here is Chapter 2 of Connor’s book. More at

Hillside Elementary Book

Jake was the meanest boy in his class. Well, at least everyone thought he was. Even though he was really nice, things always seemed to happen that made him look bad, so everyone thought he was just plain mean.

“Hello, Jennifer, how are you?” asked Jake, smiling.

“Jake, if you don’t have nice things to say, don’t say anything at all!” yelled Jennifer.

Jake’s smile dropped onto the floor. He was totally confused.

Other students called Jake “Crabby Pants” behind his back.

“Why does everybody think I am so mean?” Jake wondered to himself. He felt like he might cry.

What Jake didn’t know was that last week’s substitute, Mrs. Hilda, was really a witch. Mrs. Hilda had cast a spell on the class that made everyone nice seem mean, and everyone mean seem nice.

Mrs. Hilda was substituting again this morning. Jake was hoping to read his book on…

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