Parental Pride

Hello all,

I was informed that my 8 year old son just one a Poetry Contest! In his honor, I have posted the first chapter of a book that he has been working on.


Hillside Elementary – Chapter 1 – Room 43 (re-posted from

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Mrs. Anderson entered Rm. 43. Everyone was chewing gum except for one person, Jake. Mrs. Anderson walked right up to him and said,” Young Man, there is no chewing gum in class!”

“ But I’m not chewing gum at all! See?” Jake opened his mouth to show Mrs. Anderson.

“Oh My! You swallowed your gum! Go to the school nurse this instant!” yelled Mrs. Anderson..

“Yeah, Jake, have fun at the school nurse!” yelled Ron chomping on his gum.

“Yeah, have a great time!” yelled Jane.

“So, we have lots of learning to do. First, we will start with long division,” said Mrs. Anderson.

“But we haven’t even done long subtraction,” added Brian.

Mrs. Anderson let out a long sigh. “OK Brian, what is 75-41?”

“Um. Uhhhh…,” stammered Brian, “Is it 34?”

“Yes, you are correct!” said Mrs. Anderson.

“I was?” asked Brian.

“What is 86-43, James?” asked Mrs. Anderson.

Before James could answer, Jake burst into the room.

“43!” he screamed. It just so happened that Jake was coming back to class from the nurse’s office. He had been counting the rooms out loud. “39. 40. 41. 42…” Just as he got to Room 43, his classroom he screamed, “43!” and entered the classroom.

“ Although Jake is correct,” said Mrs. Anderson, “He was speaking without raising his hand. Jake, Principal’s office please!”

This type of thing went on for the rest of the day. First, the water fountain broke as he was trying to get some water, squirting Bridget with water. Then he left his retainer on his lunch tray and accidentally threw it away. He and Mr. Davis spent two hours searching the garbage for it.

He spent over half the day in the principal’s office and the rest covered in spaghetti and meatballs. By the time his mom picked him up, he was tired, smelly, and he hadn’t learned a thing.


2 Comments to “Parental Pride”

  1. I LOVE IT!!!! And your son is only 8??!! He clearly has a writer’s soul!!! Send that young man my heartiest congratulations and I hope to read his finished and published work one day. Sharon

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