Benefit of the Doubt

I have to admit that I have a sarcastic sense of humor. My ironic attempts at merriment frequently fall into the sar-chasm (the gap between the attempt at a

humoristic sarcastic common and the stoic perception of the recipient). More simply put, there are some people in life that do not appreciate a sardonic humoristic style. More simply put, sarcasm is not always funny. In fact, many people interpret sarcastic comments as possibly hostile or passive aggressive. However, I feel that if you know me fairly well personally, you would understand that the intent of these proposed humoristic barbs are meant to generate levity and not cynicism. That is why I typically reserve my more playful side for those who understand my intent. If you know me, I would hope that you would give me the benefit of the doubt regarding my intentions.

In many life situations, I believe that we would all want other people to give us the benefit of the doubt. Most people do not go out into the world with malicious intent. Most people are just living their lives and are tying to get their own needs met along the way. The majority of people in supermarket lines and driving in traffic are have no harmful intent. Therefore, we should always do our best to give other people the benefit of the doubt. In situations where another person’ actions could be explained by either innocuous or malevolent means, why not just assume the more positive explanation?

When we are interacting with our friends and we do something awkward, we would like them to give us the benefit of the doubt about our intent. If we make some off hand snide comment, we would hope that they would give us the benefit of the doubt and realize that there is no intent to hurt another’s feelings.

The next time I make some off color sarcastic quip, please give me the benefit of the doubt.

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