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July 6, 2012

Tip O’ the Iceberg

Although we may be able to control our internal dialogue, generate new thoughts and choose how we want to response to life situations, we need to acknowledge our unconscious thought processes.

The most commonly used analogy of our overall consciousness is that of an iceberg. Our conscious thought processes (the voice inside our head) is just the “tip of the iceberg”. This is the 20% of the iceberg that we see on the surface of the water. Our subconscious thoughts are the remainder of the iceberg that is deep below the surface of the water.

We can directly influence the stream of our conscious thoughts. If we find ourselves thinking about ice cream, we can choose to visualize a nice tasty carrot. Our subconscious thoughts are not under our conscious control. Like a submerged iceberg sinking a ship, certain unconscious thoughts can sabotage our plans.

We can influence our subconscious. One way that can be done is through reflecting on our past and evaluating possible underlying beliefs. I do not feel that you necessarily need twenty years of Freudian-based psychotherapy, however I do believe that the subconscious may need some attention. If you had significant traumatic life events, these events will surely have an effect on how you unconsciously view the world. It is important to be honest with yourself on how these events have shaped your view of the world. If you realize that you have “serious emotional baggage”, then it would be a good idea to check into support from a professional.

May you be able to steer your metaphorical ship through the artic waters without being hit by an iceberg.

But this is just the “tip of the iceberg”…..

January 15, 2012

Getting into the groove!

Yesterday, we discussed Meditation a method of getting into the right mind. We also discussed that Meditation is not for everyone.


Today, while I was out surfing, I remembered that there are many other ways to get “in the groove” or in a meditative state. When you engage in an activity that you truly love, you may experience being in a “flow state”. When you are “in the flow”, you typically are so absorbed in the activity that you may not experience the passage of time. You will also be deeply routed in the NOW. Your focus will be so intense on the activity that you will be detached from your stream of conscious thoughts.


People can get into a flow state through a variety of ways. Playing music, running, biking, surfing, quilting, hiking can all be all lead to a flow experience.


I hope that you find that activity that helps you go with the flow.